Country: U.S. Virgin Islands (VI)

U.S. Virgin Islands (United States Virgin Islands) is a dependent country and has dependency to United States.

Capital city of U.S. Virgin Islands is Charlotte Amalie.

Covid 19 (coronavirus)

Total confirmed: 2,988
Today confirmed: 17
Total deaths: 26
Today deaths: 0

For some countries data may shift for a day because date in WHO Covid 19 data is the date of reporting to World Health Organization.

(WHO-COVID19, April 13, 2021)

Gross Domestic Product (GDP)


Gross Domestic Product (GDP): $3.9 billion


GDP per capita

(WBGDB, 2017)
Currency: US Dollar (USD)
International phone code 1-340
e164: 1
Top level domain (tld) .vi
This TLD is country specific
ISO 3166-2 VI
ISO 3166-3: VIR
ISO numeric code: 850
FIPS code: VQ
Driving side Left